Writers Group: A Broken Clock and Introspection.

25 August 2008

Today marks my second writers group meeting. I confess, I wasn't all that interested in writing today. It has been a battle to stay in the game today. Therefore I found myself in a very introspective mood. All the same though, I put pen to paper during the writing prompt and here is what flowed from the nib.

Prompt: 3:00 AM
Writing Time: 10 min

I roll over in my nice warm bed, somewhere between waking and sleeping. My mind fights against the ambient sounds from the street below my open window and the hum of the fan in my room in a desperate attempt to stay rooted in my dreams. Sadly that fight is lost, my ears begin to come more alive and the sounds that were so harmoniously existing in my room while I slept now seem to be getting louder as if competing for my attention.

As the remnants of fanciful dreams slip away, my eyes reluctantly part to catch a fleeting glimpse of the time before violently snapping shut. With blurred vision the numbers glow a taunting and hateful red, burning into my mind a time that I am convinced should never be seen by man. 3:00 AM. I swear at this moment my clock is reveling in displaying such evil numbers to me. If it hadn't actually been 3:00 AM and I hadn't have still been in my bed, I would have thrown the clock out of that window. Then, at least, I could smile at the new sounds coming from the street below as the casing of the clock shattered, destroying the display. Never again would such an awful time have to be seen.